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Last Updated Thursday, 21. May 1998 07:31 PM

34 New pictures | 55 Total pictures
13 New Sounds | 14 Total sounds

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More sounds coming soon!
I am also planning to make all of the sounds direct downloads from my sites (bg0,bg01,bg02,bg03)


Cool, I broke his brain! 18K

Phonecall to Moe´s 287K

bartcharge.wav 54K ?? bart.wav 21K ?? bartrtc.wav 72K Did you rock the Casba?
bartbaby.wav 12K Aye Carumba bartbutt.wav 32K Ohh sure like I am really going to take a picture of my butt bartgotwalt.wav 74K He He got your wallet bartimanerd.wav 34K I'm a nerd bartipfreely.wav 174k Prank call to Moe's starring I P FREELY
bartpriceless.wav 232K Lisa: Bart this could be priceless Bart:Priceless like a mother's love or the good kind of priceless? barttoxicgas.wav 51K I think it is ironic that for once dad's butt prevented the release of toxic gas bartpullplug.wav 259K They pulling the plug on anybody today? bartquitit.wav 52K Lisa: Bart quit it, quit it, quit it, come on! MOM!



Quicktime or .mov




Bart's laugh 82K


34 New pictures | 55 Total pictures

They are ALL Direct Downloads unless they are marked

Bartman Bart's 4 Alarm Chili! Bart skateboarding Bart Bart mad (Cool pic)
Extreme Bart School bites Health and fitness Bart in a Military uniform Wanted "El Barto dead or alive"  *Not a DD
Bart in a good moods*Not a DD A fat, drunk and tired Bart*Not a DD Bart mad*Not a DD Jurassic Bart*Not a DD Bartman comics*Not a DD
Bart taking a pic of his butt*Not a DD Bart screaming*Not a DD No way man*Not a DD Bart and Lisa crankcalling Moe*Not a DD Bart loves Jessica*Not a DD
Bart as a Devil*DEAD Bart & his friends as vampires*DEAD Bart standing*DEAD The George Clooney Bart*DEAD Bart as a slacker*Not a DD
bart1.gif 12k bart1.jpg  8k bart2.gif  19k bart3.gif  13k bartbeach.gif  15k
bartchase.gif  42k bartcountbart.gif   17k bartcowabunga.gif   16k bartdevil.gif  8k bartdr.gif  11k
bartfish.gif  12k bartgame.jpg  10k bartjello.gif  14k bartlaughing.jpg  8k bartmad.gif  8k
bartmarbles.gif  9k bartnoway.gif  6k bartprank.gif  30k bartrun.gif  18k bartsilly.gif  8k
bartman1.gif  12k bartman2.gif  29k bartschool.gif  7k bartscientist.gif   19k bartsick.gif  15k
bartskateboard.gif   17k bartsleep.gif  12k bartsnakecharmer.gif   20k barttoothbrush.gif   6k bartunderachiever.gif   12k
bartskateboard2.gif   13k bartsktboard3.gif   20k bartsnowboard.gif   19k bartsurfer.gif  22k

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