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All Sounds are Direct Downloads (dd/l) except the bold sounds files.

mmmbeer.wav 16K mmmmm. beer

Yellow.wav 16.4K

Shutup.wav 8.29K

  Hogfat.wav 25K Mmmm hog fat.

Yellow.wav 17K Yelloooww....

dooooh.wav 4.14K

 Bongo.wav1 35K

Happy.wav 21.6K

 dohr.wav 35.7K Dohhhhhhhhh Burrito.wav 17K Wheres my burrito?
Badstuff.wav 28K I have a feeling some bad stuff is about to happen. Blubber.wav 29K Woohoo, look at that blubber fly.

dohwoohoo.wav 37.1K doh. I mean woohoo

 Burger.wav 21K Mmmm burger.

Flintstones 201K

Ayeaye.wav 21K Ayeaye captain

 Chocolate.wav 31 K Mmmm chocolate Doh.wav 5K Doh! Anykey.wav 39K To start press any key. Where's the anykey? Bartbeer.wav 63 K Ahhh there's only one beer left and it's barts.

Dohmany.wav 232K Many Do'hs in repetition

Mr.Plow 44.6K A Mr.Plow Theme Song Duh.wav 6K Duh...  Woohoo.wav 7K Woohoo! Brainpwr.wav 52K  I'll figure it out. I'm gonna use all the power of my brain.
Nevertry.wav 158K You tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson is never try. Women.wav 171K Oh! Wait a minute, actually a women is more like a beer. They smell good, they look good you'd step over your own mother just to get one. But you can't stop at one, you want to drink another women. Gamprob.wav 158K Remember when I got caught for stealing all those watches from Sears. Well that's nothing because YOU have a gambling problem. And remember when I let that escaped lunatic in the house because he was dressed like Santa Claus. Well YOU have a gambling problem. Boogieman.wav 26K Ahh Boogieman! Youlittle.wav 10K Why you little!
Doughnuts.wav 44K Doughnuts, is there anything they can't do? Despbeer.wav 59 K The other day I was so desperate for a beer a snuck into the football stadium and ate the dirt underneath the bleachers. Killbrain.wav 84KAlright brain you don't like me, and I don't like you but lets get through this and I can get back to killing you with beer. Noooo!.wav22.3K Noooooooo! Ahhh.wav 10K Ahhh
Baloney.wav 68.6K Doughnut.wav 59K Mmmm forbiden doughnut. Blimpy.wav 55K Hey there blimpy boy lying in the sky so fancy free. Beer.wav 27K Mmmm beer. Rowrrrr.wav 13K Rowrrrrrr.
4dayweekend.wav 16K bedbreakfast.wav 16K cake.wav 16K cliptie.wav 16K dancedwithagay.wav 16K
lace.wav 16K parties.wav 16K pitchforks.wav 16K queer.wav 16K stpdrsks.wav 16K  Stupid risks are what make life worth living
undersea.wav 16K whykillme.wav 16K c.wav 16K c.wav 16K d.wav 16K
4dayweekend.wav 16K bedbreakfast.wav 16K cake.wav 16K c.wav 16K d.wav 16K
Homer pointing to the left


giveyougay.wav 16K iamgay.wav 16K kickdown.wav 16K knockedup.wav 16K

*featured background sound



-Movies- (all direct downloads)

Quicktime all dead links! :( 


.Mov (all direct D/Ls)ehomer.gif (8702 bytes)
Homer practicing for Whacking Day 822k
Homer taking a bath then the evil krusty doll attacks 741K
Bart trying to convince Homer that they don't need a baby site  1007K
Homer when he misplaces his pants 916K

AVI (all direct D/Ls)
Mr.Sparkle AVI 3.21m in .zip format and direct download from my site





Barney Threatening Homer with a Gun (plow king) Homer-Marge Homer Pointing to His Butt Homer with a chainsaw Starnge picture of homer!
Homer in a diner(special pic) Homer is daydreaming Doing the evil homer dance Homer from the Homerpalooza Episode Bart Writing "Insert Brain Here" on Homer's Head
Homer Dancing to The Jug Homer Threatining Bart With a Knife Homer After Eating Sour Ball Homer Pointing a Remote at you! Homer Very Sad
Homer Screaming Homer with a Shotgun Homer with a Princess Cashmear? "Homer" great for a website Homer with a Shotgun

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