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The Simpsons vast Library LOGOS Hit Counter

Last Updated 05/21/98 06:31 PM

Here you will find an assortment of different Simpsons logos

that I found around the net. I've rated them all, 10 being very cool

and 0 being trash! I hope you enjoy these pics and put them to

use on your computer or web site!

Feel free to send me a new logo by e-mail!

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File Name







Is it






Does it

have ™

logosimpsons.gif Yellow White Black N 3 8 N
logon.gif White White Black N 3 5 N
logosimpidx1.gif Red White Black N 6 8 Y
logoblue.gif White Blue Black N 7 *10* N
logobigblue.jpg Yellow Clouds None N 9 7 N
logobigred.gif Red White White N 12 8 Y
logothesimp.gif Black White White N,animation 12 5 Y
logosimp.gif Yellow White Black Y 5 9 N
logoblcksimp.jpg White Black Black N 8 6 Y
logosimpttl2.jpg White Blue&Blk Gray N 5 *10* N
logoredshad.jpg Red White Blk&Gray Y 32 9 N

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